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Transporting your paddleboard is and important part of paddling. It’s not just strapping into your car and driving to a local river or surf spot but also how you carry it once you get there. SUP Wheels has a great solution for moving your board on location  once it’s off the car. The SUP Wheels EVOLUTION allows you to pull your paddleboard as you walk or bike to your desired secret spot. It makes it easy to move a big bulky paddleboard without having to be physically strong to muscle it to the beach or river.

It’s large heavy duty plastic wheels and sturdy cross axle makes it strong and easy to roll over bumps, curbs for maybe your best friend taking a nap on the side of the trail.

Vermont SUP Gear Review SUP Wheels

You simply slide the tale of your board into the sup wheels and secure the rubber bungee cord around the fin. The opening is large enough for even the biggest SUP and surfboards. Then attach the included handle at the nose and run the thick strapping down the board and around the fin. This gives you a nice solid handle to carry and drag your board to the desired spot.

This is a perfect item to keep in your car and use as needed depending on the paddling location. It folds down to store relatively flat in your trunk or closet.

Sun shines on Bolton Dam
Sun shines on Bolton Dam

I wish I would’ve had this sup wheels on my Winooski river trip two years ago. We paddled 65 miles in five days but had to portage nine dams. The worst was 4 damn in one day through the Vermont State Capital, Montpelier. The longest of the portages was at the Bolton Dam where it would have been nice to use the SUP Wheels on the 1/4 mile hike.

What I like about these SUP Wheels are that it’s lightweight yet strong plastic. It could take some abuse on the trail or river and still work no problem. Its large diameter wheels makes it easy to roll over bigger objects like rocks or logs. I also really like the strap and handle that comes with it. Much better design than some of the suction cup models on the market today.

CLICK HERE to view the full specs from their website.

Gear Review: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Vermont SUP Lifestraw personal water filter
Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – Photo Credit: JTJ Photography

I had seen the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter online for several years and had always wondered if it worked. The most important & essential item whenever planning a paddling trip is water. At over 8 pounds per gallon its the heaviest gear you need to bring. While paddling, you have an abundance of water all around you but it’s not safe to drink and can get you very sick if you do so. Upon getting my Lifestraw Personal Water Filter I quickly noticed the lightweight and small footprint of the product made it an easy choice for backpackers and paddlers. We tried out this product in the sunshine state of Florida over the past few weeks and concluded that it’s a great product to have with you in the absence of clean water and as a backup. I will always try to bring as much drinkable water with me as I can hold but this Lifestraw personal water filter offers a backup solution if you run out or something contaminates your water.


“LifeStraw is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. The straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water.” -Lifestraw Website

Erin tests the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter on the Chassahowitzka River in Florida.
Erin tests the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter on the Chassahowitzka River in Florida. – Photo Credit: JTJ Photography

We first took the Lifestraw to the Chassahowitzka River in Homosassa Florida. There are many different natural springs pushing out from the Limestone ground, including the crystal clear Seven Sisters Springs, where we stopped to take photos and test it for the first time. The 2 oz. weight and 9 inch size allowed me to keep it right in my Stohlquist PFD zipper pocket.

Lifestraw easily fits into your PFD pocket.
Lifestraw easily fits into your PFD pocket. – Photo Credit: JTJ Photography

Erin, an author and contributor to Vermont SUP, posed for a few photos. “I didn’t think it was working at first but once the Lifestraw was saturated it seemed to flow through at a comfortable rate and I could get several full mouthfuls before I had to take a breath.”

The Weeki Wachee River looks clean but you never know.
The Weeki Wachee River looks clean but you never know. – Photo Credit: JTJ Photography

After using this product multiple times, I’m happy with how it performs. I didn’t get sick from the waters I tested it in, which is always a good thing. For a single use it’s great, easy to store and very lightweight. I wouldn’t notice it if I carried my gear in dry bags around dams or un-runnable rapids. Lifestraw has several other products that would be more suitable for a family camping for longer periods. These other products also say they filter our many viruses that the smaller personal filter doesn’t. I’m glad I have this water filter for our future paddling expeditions. I would recommend it to any adventurer looking to explore the unknown for multiple days if they are unsure of the availability of clean drinking water.

Lifestraw personal water filter
Chassahowitzka River Florida. – Photo Credit: JTJ Photography

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for free from Eartheasy.com as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

Chuck Patterson visits Vermont

If you missed it, Vermont had a living legend from the outdoor sports industry visit our beautiful state this week. Chuck Patterson enjoyed a paddle from Shelburne Bay to Burlington visiting Juniper Island along the way.

Photo Credit: Chuck Patterson via Facebook

We connected up with him at Perkins Pier where he talked about his experiences and tips and tricks to make us more efficient paddlers. WND & WVS, the local paddle shop in Burlington, setup the whole event and their staff was on hand with the Naish and Starboard SUP fleets for us to demo.

It was such a great time and with a 50% chance of thunderstorms that never came it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and sunset. Come back again soon Chuck!!!!!!!

wndNwvs chuck peterson-243

Here are the photos from the event.
Photo Credits: Vermont SUPKazmin Thibault Williamson

Waterbury Reservoir will remain a Recreational Resource in VT

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation issued a draft water quality certification decision Wednesday regarding the future operations of Green Mountain Power’s Waterbury Hydroelectric Project. Under this decision, the Waterbury Reservoir would be maintained at the current summertime level year-round to protect water quality and recreational use of the reservoir. Also, flows through the dam would be managed to more closely mirror the natural flow of the Little River in a manner that improves fish habitat and the ecological health of the river. – Vermont Business Magazine

Read the full story here

waterbury reservoir vermont fall foliage

Lake Powell – A Self Support Expedition


On September 6th, Mike Tavares & Zach Hughes, Co-Owner and Master Shaper of Badfish SUP, Launched on Lake Powell into what would be an unforgettable self support journey across a great Iconic American Landscape.  Mike and Zack are typically paddling whitewater or surfing somewhere at the coast, but this time, they decided to plan a trip a bit out of the ordinary.  We had been hearing bits and pieces of trip planning over the last few months, but had no idea that they would come back with such amazing imagery and stories from the lawless Lake Powell!


Mike chose to take our tried and true 14ft Great Bear Board for its versatilely, ease of paddling, and options for deck rigging.  This was a great option for Mike, as we heard that it treated him very well over the course of 150 miles and variable conditions with about 80 pounds of gear on top!  Zack hand shaped and created his very own self support board named “El Busito,” bringing Badfish creativity to the water!  6 days after launching on the Colorado River, the duo landed at the Glen Canyon Dam.


CLICK HERE to read the first person recap of the journey across Lake Powell.


Leddy Park to Lone Rock to Apple Tree Point & Back!


In Littleton, Colorado on the South Platte River Glide team rider Alex Mauer river surfs with mans best friend on a local river wave named after him. On Alex’s River wave, Alex gives us a few tips on how to surf with and keep your dog safe on the river.


“Surfing with a dog is really cool. I was giving a river surf lesson to a friend who brought his dog along. After surfing for a few hours he suggested that I try and surf with his dog, Wrigley, on my board. It was a really cool experience and got me thinking about a few tips to keep your dog safe on the water.

First and foremost, make sure your dog is wearing safety gear. Yes, they make dog PFD’s!

Next, you want to make sure your dog is comfortable in moving water. Swim the rapid and play around with your dog. Then, get your dog comfortable standing on your board. Paddle around a flat section to make sure your dog doesn’t jump off the board once you paddle into the wave. After getting your pup used to the river and making sure that your dog is comfortable in moving water and on your board, you are ready to surf!

*Disclaimer: In the photos I am aware the Wrigley doesn’t have safety gear on. His owner was spotting him downriver of the wave. I also took safety precautions by entering and exiting the wave on my belly to ensure Wrigley wouldn’t fall off my board.”

To see the video of Wrigley and Alex CLICK HERE


Vermont SUP connected up with a local paddler yesterday at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT for some fun on the water and unexpected surf on Lake Champlain.

Vermont SUP Trisha Surfing Oakledge

Rider: Trisha Hlastawa
Age: 24 years young
Hometown: Norwich, CT but currently living in South Burlington, VT
Board: Naish Alana 9’5″

Vermont SUP Trisha Profile Shot

Where is your favorite place to paddle?

I love to surf but coming at sunset and paddling on the lake is one of the best things ever.

Now you just got back from Cape Cod, How was the surf?

I went to Orleans, MA in the Nauset Beach area. The surf wasn’t that good but got better yesterday and today. (7/15 & 7/16)

Photo Jul 16, 8 30 20 PM

Why Paddleboarding rather than Kayaking?

I do not like sitting down! I like moving around as much as possible and paddleboarding give me the freedom to do that. I can walk all over it, I can do headstands on it, I can do yoga on it, there’s a lot of possibilities.


What would you tell a first time SUPer?

Be patient is the first thing. Not everyone will get it right away. Try to go somewhere totally calm to start is recommended. That way you can focus on your balance and not which way the waves are going. Coming here to Oakledge [Park] is really fun when it’s super calm which is most of the time in the summer.

Vermont SUP Trisha Paddle Out

Whats the next step? Where do you want to go, What do you wanna do?

I wanna do some touring on a paddleboard, I have a touring board and I wanna travel and go to some cool places where you can look down [into the water] and see all kinds of things. Not sure where but I gotta get myself out there.

Vermont SUP Paddle Sunset

What’s your #1 vacation spot you want to go and paddle?

Ohhh… Hawaii…?  Probably!

Make sure to follow all of Trisha’s photos on her Instagram page: @thsurfsnow

Waves at Oakledge Vermont SUP Oakledge park Burlington Surfing trisha

Vermont River Race in June!

Today I received great news that The Friends of the Winooski are organizing a river race on the Winooski River on Saturday June 7th (from Bolton-Richmond). In the spirit of collaboration, the Vermont River Conservancy is a co-sponsor along with Umiak Outdoor Outfitters. This event is geared toward generating enthusiasm for water-based recreation in the Winooski River watershed, and raising awareness about the efforts of the two organizations in the region. Proceeds from the race will support projects to improve public access and riparian land restoration in the watershed.

Registration is only $25 if you signup before May 31st.

Vermont SUP will be there sharing there love for the sport with fellow paddling junkies. For more info about the event and to sign up or help volunteer visit their website.

1st Annual Onion River Race 2014

Winooski RIver

Paddle boarding the Winooski River 2013

Twas the night before Paddling, when all though the group,
Not a board was ready, not even the soup.
The glue was drying on the boards with air,
In hopes that morning would soon be there.

12685_667931623200_899328013_n Our paddle trip started early in the summer as just an idea. We didn’t have our own paddle boards yet and we assumed we wouldn’t be able to get off work for a whole week together. The more we talked about it, the more it became real. We started building our own boards just so we could do this trip (and continue to paddle afterwords, of course!). The last piece for our boards came in the mail the day before and after packing our dry bags with food and clothes we laid down the foam and attached our deck rigging before heading to bed.  Continue reading Paddle boarding the Winooski River 2013