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Transporting your paddleboard is and important part of paddling. It’s not just strapping into your car and driving to a local river or surf spot but also how you carry it once you get there. SUP Wheels has a great solution for moving your board on location  once it’s off the car. The SUP Wheels EVOLUTION allows you to pull your paddleboard as you walk or bike to your desired secret spot. It makes it easy to move a big bulky paddleboard without having to be physically strong to muscle it to the beach or river.

It’s large heavy duty plastic wheels and sturdy cross axle makes it strong and easy to roll over bumps, curbs for maybe your best friend taking a nap on the side of the trail.

Vermont SUP Gear Review SUP Wheels

You simply slide the tale of your board into the sup wheels and secure the rubber bungee cord around the fin. The opening is large enough for even the biggest SUP and surfboards. Then attach the included handle at the nose and run the thick strapping down the board and around the fin. This gives you a nice solid handle to carry and drag your board to the desired spot.

This is a perfect item to keep in your car and use as needed depending on the paddling location. It folds down to store relatively flat in your trunk or closet.

Sun shines on Bolton Dam
Sun shines on Bolton Dam

I wish I would’ve had this sup wheels on my Winooski river trip two years ago. We paddled 65 miles in five days but had to portage nine dams. The worst was 4 damn in one day through the Vermont State Capital, Montpelier. The longest of the portages was at the Bolton Dam where it would have been nice to use the SUP Wheels on the 1/4 mile hike.

What I like about these SUP Wheels are that it’s lightweight yet strong plastic. It could take some abuse on the trail or river and still work no problem. Its large diameter wheels makes it easy to roll over bigger objects like rocks or logs. I also really like the strap and handle that comes with it. Much better design than some of the suction cup models on the market today.

CLICK HERE to view the full specs from their website.

GEAR REVIEW: SoulMite SUP cart from Seattle Sports

I was hooked after just a few paddle strokes on a  Stand-Up Paddleboard.  I didn’t just want to be on lakes, I wanted to be on the river. Paddling rivers brings a unique set of challenges to overcome; one of which is getting around unrunnable obstacles on the river such as dangerous rapids/falls or dams. You can always carry your board around a small set of rapids, but what if it’s a dam with a mile portage on a path through the woods?

The longer you carry your SUP, the heavier it becomes.  One great solution is the SoulMite Cart by Seattle Sports. Introduced several years ago, this product allows the transport of your SUP board to be quick and easy. Lash your SUP down with the included strap, attach the suction cup handle, and you’re set. Built with a heavy-duty anodized 35mm frame and sturdy air filled tires, this cart is a great solution for comfortable SUP transport. It breaks down into several small components allowing you to pack it easily into a dry bag or simply bungee it to your board.

soulmite product


I took it out for a test spin at the Green River Reservoir in Vermont before the gates were opened for the season. I tested it with two boards, tying the bottom board to the wheels and the top board to the bottom board. On the first attempt both boards quickly slipped off the wheels and landed on the ground. I retied the strap and away I went. Be sure to tighten the strap enough that the board won’t bounce off the wheels and slip free.

While the wheels work great once properly attached, the handle is a different story. I paddle a 12’6 Bic Ace-Tec Wing which only has a few smooth surfaces that the handle can effectively suction to. While carting two boards I was not able to find a comfortable place to attach the handle. Additionally the top board in my setup was a handmade fiberglass board that lacked any smooth surface to attach the handle to. It seems like a great idea, and the suction cup is very powerful, but if you don’t have a planing hull SUP you may find it difficult to find a suitable place to attach the handle.

Overall, this is a great piece of gear to have around in case you run into a long portage or are unable to drive right up to the body of water you wish to paddle. This is a lifelong investment, it isn’t made cheaply and will last quite a while even after bouncing over rough terrain.

Soulmite SUP Cart at GRR
JJ testing out the Soulmite at Green River Reservoir.

Check out this video showcasing the Soulmite.