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New Product: 2014 Kailua Inflatable Yogo Fitness SUP by Mistral

The NEW Mistral Kailua Fitness Inflatable SUP offers a totally new experience of having your fitness workout or Yoga session on the water! To step things up a bit you can transform the Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ into an on the water fitness exercise machine by just integrating Mistral’s All-round Elastic “Resistance” Band System.

sup-yoga-stretch The compact and balanced design of the Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ suits either lightweight or heavier paddlers who want to combine pure stand up paddling fun with fitness workouts. The wide 32” ultra stable outline provides unmatched stability and guarantees a perfect platform for all kinds of fitness workouts and yoga exercises. The Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ comes equipped with one of Mistral’s new innovative All-round Elastic “Resistance” Bands, which can be attached to multiple tie-down points to customize your workout. This innovative system transforms the board into an on the water Pilates like machine. The entire Fitness Strap System, which includes 2 resistance bands, can also be purchased separately. The Kailua Fitness is also equipped with a paddle attachment system to secure your paddle during your workout and features an exercise friendly Yoga-style full EVA deck pad.

mistral-sup-yoga You can also integrate the Kailua Fit with Mistral’s Yoga Island.

Available NOW in North America

Key Features:

• Wide 32” ultra stable standing area and tail section

• New innovative Mistral All-round Elastic “Resistance” Band System

• Multiple tie-down attachment points

• Paddle attachment system

• Full Yoga friendly EVA deck pad


•Length: 11’5″ (350cm)

•Width: 32″ (84cm)

•Thickness: 6″ (15cm)

•Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 Kg)

•Volume: 290 Liters

•Colors: Yellow/White and Blue/White

•Minimum Recommended Inflation: 15 PSI

•MSRP: $1199


For more information about the Mistral Kailua Fitness and other awesome SUP products, go to: mistral-sup.com or the 2014 Catalog Link.

Original Article from SUP Connect  – 3/9/14

Winooski Early April SUP Paddle

JJ & Erin at the end of their 4 mile paddle.
JJ & Erin at the end of their 4 mile paddle.

We’ve had our eyes on the rivers and lakes for weeks now. It’s been a long wait, but the rivers up here in northern Vermont are finally moving again! The last of the ice dams on the Winooski River have broken free and its time to paddle! With cold, high, fast moving water, large ice chunks and other debris floating in the river it’s not quite the season for beginner paddlers; but if you’ve got the right equipment and knowledge the fun can begin right now! Continue reading Winooski Early April SUP Paddle

First-ever Stand-Up Paddle descent of the Class 3 Little Nahanni River.

Adventurers Sean Leary, Tim Emmett, Jimmy Martinello and Trevor McDonald go on a mission to climb and BASE jump from peaks in Canada’s very remote Vampire Spires and Cirque of the Unclimbables.

The area is so remote that to get there they decide to make a first-ever stand-up paddle descent of the Class 3 Little Nahanni River.

This first of 4 episodes takes you on a river ride like you’ve never seen before!