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GEAR REVIEW: Oblio Double SUP Paddle

The extended kayak paddle for SUPing that you always wished for is finally here! The Oblio double bladed SUP paddle with rotating handles is the next greatest advancement for SUP enthusiasts. This paddle will allow you to paddle straighter and faster with less effort!

Oblio rotating handles



Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious. Sometimes is takes a fresh perspective to see what’s right in front of us all along. At Oblio we’re taking a new look at the way we paddle. And we’re finding exciting ways to make a good thing even better. – Oblio Paddles


The Oblio paddle shaft will be made from 100% carbon, a carbon & fiberglass hybrid  or aluminum. It will be adjustable to fit different sized people or a fixed length for just one user. It will also feature the unique rotating handles that will make it famous. The handles take a lot of strain off your wrists, shoulders and back by letting your hands rotate to a comfortable position that’s in line with the rest of your body. In addition to the comfortable handles, you can paddle forward without having to use corrective strokes or switching sides every few strokes.

With this paddle you can leisurely cruise or if you’re looking for that awesome core workout, you can really engage your muscles and propel yourself forwards faster than before. I actually get a better workout with the Oblio paddle than I do with a standard SUP paddle because every stroke is on the opposite side. As you complete the release phase of your stroke, the other blade is already setup for the next stroke. This leaves little time for recovery between strokes and keeps you engaging those core muscles at a very consistent rate.

“This new SUP paddle is ahead of its time. It allows me to increase my paddle strokes and speed without additional effort.  The paddle is larger than normal with a longer shaft and two blades but its balanced and doesn’t feel heavier. I noticed my old single blade paddle feeling heavier after paddling with the Oblio.”        – Jeremiah

Oblio Sunset

Although this paddle has lots of great features it has two major flaws. First, is the ability to paddle in small spaces. If you’re coming into shore with low hanging trees or squeezing through a small tunnel, you’ll need to be careful because that second blade needs a little extra space to circle back through the air. But, if you plan ahead of time, you should be able to line yourself up to glide through whatever obstacle there is.

Secondly, once you get used to this paddle, you’ll never want to go back. These new paddles aren’t allowed in races yet; so if you’re training for a race, you might want to stick to your regulation race paddle.

If you’re still skeptical, the best thing you can do is try one. Look for them at your favorite local SUP shop in the near future!


GEAR REVIEW: EyeShaka Apparel

EyeShaka Thank You T-Shirts Hats


Our friends over at EyeShaka Apparel sent us some sick new gear to sport and show off to the paddling community in Vermont.

We love the T-shirts and Trucker Hats!!!

They also sent us some really cool Shaka stickers which we placed in a few paddling spots around the Stowe area. Find one of them, snap a photo, send it to us and you may just win something for your participation.

Erin Winooski River Vermont EyeShaka

“The shaka symbolizes a lifestyle and way of thinking that we as owners embrace everyday. The sign of the shaka originated from Hawaii and is universally known in the action sports world, in particular those based around the ocean. It signifies a carefree attitude, an ecstatic feeling, and a unique perspective on life.”
-Eyeshaka Website

Erin Waterbury Reservoir EyeShaka Oblio BIC SUP
Erin paddling the BIC SUP Wing with the NEW Oblio Paddle

“But I think deep, deep down inside ingrained in everyone, the real reason we started surfing is the fun, the stoke of walking down the beach with your three bros and you come down the stairs and there’s a killer little peak down the beach and there’s no one out and you’re coming down the beach like, “Dude we’re going to score!” You surf for two hours, getting little tubes and having the best session ever and come home all sunburned and don’t have a care in the world. That’s what it’s about. That stoke.”
-Rob Machado


Vermont SUP connected up with a local paddler yesterday at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT for some fun on the water and unexpected surf on Lake Champlain.

Vermont SUP Trisha Surfing Oakledge

Rider: Trisha Hlastawa
Age: 24 years young
Hometown: Norwich, CT but currently living in South Burlington, VT
Board: Naish Alana 9’5″

Vermont SUP Trisha Profile Shot

Where is your favorite place to paddle?

I love to surf but coming at sunset and paddling on the lake is one of the best things ever.

Now you just got back from Cape Cod, How was the surf?

I went to Orleans, MA in the Nauset Beach area. The surf wasn’t that good but got better yesterday and today. (7/15 & 7/16)

Photo Jul 16, 8 30 20 PM

Why Paddleboarding rather than Kayaking?

I do not like sitting down! I like moving around as much as possible and paddleboarding give me the freedom to do that. I can walk all over it, I can do headstands on it, I can do yoga on it, there’s a lot of possibilities.


What would you tell a first time SUPer?

Be patient is the first thing. Not everyone will get it right away. Try to go somewhere totally calm to start is recommended. That way you can focus on your balance and not which way the waves are going. Coming here to Oakledge [Park] is really fun when it’s super calm which is most of the time in the summer.

Vermont SUP Trisha Paddle Out

Whats the next step? Where do you want to go, What do you wanna do?

I wanna do some touring on a paddleboard, I have a touring board and I wanna travel and go to some cool places where you can look down [into the water] and see all kinds of things. Not sure where but I gotta get myself out there.

Vermont SUP Paddle Sunset

What’s your #1 vacation spot you want to go and paddle?

Ohhh… Hawaii…?  Probably!

Make sure to follow all of Trisha’s photos on her Instagram page: @thsurfsnow

Waves at Oakledge Vermont SUP Oakledge park Burlington Surfing trisha

How to choose a SUP

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Stand-Up Paddle-boarding or SUPing before. Beginner or Expert this is a great resource for what to look for in a board. Every rider is a different size, weight, shape and ability level. This is also true for boards. Each board is designed with a specific purpose in mind. With so many different boards out there, it really depends on your paddling goals and ability level as to which board is best for you.

Types of boards:

There are two main types of boards: Racing/Touring and All Around/Yoga.

Racing Tourning SUP Board

Racing/touring boards are typically longer and narrower allowing the board to glide through the water with greater speed. These boards have a displacement hull, meaning the nose(front) of the board has a “V” shape to them. This shape displaces the water around the hull, letting the SUP cut cleanly through the water. If you plan to race, paddle long distances, or paddle on choppy, open water I recommend a racing/touring board with a displacement hull.

Planning Yoga SUP Board

All around/yoga boards tend to be shorter, and wider. These boards have a planing hull, meaning the bottom of the boards are flat with a rounded nose. Instead of cutting through the water like the displacement hull, these boards push the water forward creating a very small wave that the board then surges forward on while you paddle forward. These boards are designed for quick turning, surfing waves and yoga. This style board is generally better for carrying an extra rider.

Size of board:

Boards come in all sizes. The volume of a board takes into account its length, width and thickness. A larger person will need a higher volume board to feel stable on it, while a small person may have trouble controlling that same board. Find one that fits you, most manufacturers make several different sizes in the same board. Make sure you get the one that is the right fit for you. If you are a beginner, look into a wider board, it will feel more stable until you are comfortable on it. If you are comfortable on a SUP and want to go faster, look for a longer, narrower board.

naish board sizes

Board Construction:

SUPs can be made a few different ways, each have their downfalls.

SUP Boards

First, a SUP can be made from thick plastic with air in the center. These boards are cheap and durable, but are heavy and usually lack in performance. If you want a board for the kids to drop on rocks, load 10 people on board, and have your favorite furry friends scratch the surface with their nails, a plastic board may be the way to go.

Second, a SUP can be be made with a thin layer of plastic over foam. These are lightweight and durable, but pricey.

Third, a SUP can be made with fiberglass over foam. Depending on construction, these boards tend to be the lightest. They are also the least durable. Gently hitting a rock while getting off your board can damage some of these boards.

Fourth, the newest type of SUPs are inflatables. These use the same type of material a whitewater raft uses. They are very durable, but are not as rigid as the other boards. While moving around on these boards, you may get a bit of a trampoline effect. As the construction of these boards improve, they are becoming more and more rigid.


SUPs have one, three or four fins and can be easily removed. One large fin is used for flatwater paddling to help the board track in a straight line. This one single fin varies in length and shape, but is generally between 9-15”. A three fin configuration (one large and two smaller side bites) is used for surfing where the side bites help propel the board forward. Lastly, a four fin configuration (no large center fin) is used for surfing as well.


Carrying your board:

All boards come with at least one handle. Each company has a slightly different handle. Some are more comfortable to hold than others. The weight of the board also determines how comfortable it will be to carry. Don’t let the weight of the board determine which board you choose. There are plenty of ways to load and move your board around without bearing the full weight of it.


Vermont River Race in June!

Today I received great news that The Friends of the Winooski are organizing a river race on the Winooski River on Saturday June 7th (from Bolton-Richmond). In the spirit of collaboration, the Vermont River Conservancy is a co-sponsor along with Umiak Outdoor Outfitters. This event is geared toward generating enthusiasm for water-based recreation in the Winooski River watershed, and raising awareness about the efforts of the two organizations in the region. Proceeds from the race will support projects to improve public access and riparian land restoration in the watershed.

Registration is only $25 if you signup before May 31st.

Vermont SUP will be there sharing there love for the sport with fellow paddling junkies. For more info about the event and to sign up or help volunteer visit their website.

1st Annual Onion River Race 2014

Winooski RIver

New Product: 2014 Kailua Inflatable Yogo Fitness SUP by Mistral

The NEW Mistral Kailua Fitness Inflatable SUP offers a totally new experience of having your fitness workout or Yoga session on the water! To step things up a bit you can transform the Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ into an on the water fitness exercise machine by just integrating Mistral’s All-round Elastic “Resistance” Band System.

sup-yoga-stretch The compact and balanced design of the Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ suits either lightweight or heavier paddlers who want to combine pure stand up paddling fun with fitness workouts. The wide 32” ultra stable outline provides unmatched stability and guarantees a perfect platform for all kinds of fitness workouts and yoga exercises. The Mistral Kailua Fitness 11‘5″ comes equipped with one of Mistral’s new innovative All-round Elastic “Resistance” Bands, which can be attached to multiple tie-down points to customize your workout. This innovative system transforms the board into an on the water Pilates like machine. The entire Fitness Strap System, which includes 2 resistance bands, can also be purchased separately. The Kailua Fitness is also equipped with a paddle attachment system to secure your paddle during your workout and features an exercise friendly Yoga-style full EVA deck pad.

mistral-sup-yoga You can also integrate the Kailua Fit with Mistral’s Yoga Island.

Available NOW in North America

Key Features:

• Wide 32” ultra stable standing area and tail section

• New innovative Mistral All-round Elastic “Resistance” Band System

• Multiple tie-down attachment points

• Paddle attachment system

• Full Yoga friendly EVA deck pad


•Length: 11’5″ (350cm)

•Width: 32″ (84cm)

•Thickness: 6″ (15cm)

•Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 Kg)

•Volume: 290 Liters

•Colors: Yellow/White and Blue/White

•Minimum Recommended Inflation: 15 PSI

•MSRP: $1199


For more information about the Mistral Kailua Fitness and other awesome SUP products, go to: mistral-sup.com or the 2014 Catalog Link.

Original Article from SUP Connect  – 3/9/14

Paddle boarding the Winooski River 2013

Twas the night before Paddling, when all though the group,
Not a board was ready, not even the soup.
The glue was drying on the boards with air,
In hopes that morning would soon be there.

12685_667931623200_899328013_n Our paddle trip started early in the summer as just an idea. We didn’t have our own paddle boards yet and we assumed we wouldn’t be able to get off work for a whole week together. The more we talked about it, the more it became real. We started building our own boards just so we could do this trip (and continue to paddle afterwords, of course!). The last piece for our boards came in the mail the day before and after packing our dry bags with food and clothes we laid down the foam and attached our deck rigging before heading to bed.  Continue reading Paddle boarding the Winooski River 2013