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Mark Colino in Vermont!

Thanks to Wind & Waves for bringing Mark Colino to Burlington last night for some SUP tips. Mark is a Starboard sales rep, SUP instructor and an accomplished SUP racer. He quickly gave a how to do a super efficient forward stroke touching on the Reach, Catch, Power, Release and Return Phases with great analogies for each. Then as everyone tried out his fleet of Starboard Demo boards he continued to give tips more specific to each person.


Check out this video posted on
WND & WVS Facebook page for his abbreviated “how to”.



 “If your arms or wrists are sore, you’re not doing it right.
When your whole body is sore and tired, then you’ve got it.” -Mark Colino

Wind & Waves hosts FREE demo nights every Thursday from 5-7pm and every Saturday from 1-4pm. Don’t miss these opportunities to check out some sweet boards! Mark Colino may not be there, but Wind and Waves knowledgeable staff will be there to help you out and give you advice. KCPO!