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Leashes and Lifejackets 101

The American Canoe Association(ACA) has published a great video tutorial about when to wear what types of leashes and lifejackets while SUPing. It is worth 5 minutes of your time to know when to use these key pieces of safety equipment.

The ACA recommends the following for calm water with no risk of entanglement:
~ coiled leash
~ inflatable belt pack

The ACA recommends the following for ocean surf:
~ straight leash
~ no lifejacket

The ACA recommends the following for moving water or whitewater:
~ coiled leash attached at the waist with a quick release
~ inherently buoyant type III or type V lifejacket

Gear Spotlight: BOTE’s Rackham

BOTE just released this brand new board at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City last week. They are really pushing the market with what accessories a SUP board can offer.

Combining our best selling 12′ HD with the advanced features of our 14′ Ahab, the 12′ Rackham is the most versatile paddle board we have ever offered. Featuring displacement hull technology, the Rackham paddles effortlessly. The recessed standing platform and thick bow keep the paddler and gear high and dry…And speaking of gear, the Rackham sports a capacity of near 400 pounds. Stow your paddle in the Paddlesheath®, your fishing rods and tackle in the Tackle Rac®, and stake out via two thru holes–One of which is Power Pole® Micro compatible. -BOTE

The Rackham will be available in four different editions: Classic, Native, Realtree and Bug Slinger. This will be a great board for piling all your gear on and going out for an adventure.


2015 Rackham board colors

The greatest feature on the board is the Paddle Sheath. I’m hoping this little feature will  be on many boards in the future. It appears to be a quick easy and way to store your paddle while you do something else. It can be a real struggle to figure out where to put your paddle so it doesn’t float away while you’re resting. As long as this feature works as well as they are advertising, its going to change what we look for in a board.

BOTE Paddle Sheath


This is the first cooler specifically designed with paddle boarding in mind.  Purchase this cooler by itself or with attachments. This cooler has 4 eye-hooks making it easy to tie down when you ‘re on the go, whether it’s on the water or on the road. Designed for Stand Up Paddle boarding but works anywhere. It will hold 15 cans plus 5 pounds of ice. Dimensions: 15″ x 9.5″ x 9″.       -AO Website
Getting tired of eating squished PB&J for lunch while on the river. This cooler could be the next piece of gear you need to pack a more appetizing and nutrient rich lunch for your day of paddling. This cooler will hold your lunch and a few drinks without squishing it. Better yet, this cooler attaches to your board so you don’t risk it falling over board. Check it out here. Let us know what you think!

GEAR REVIEW: Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks

“A less expensive and less bulky alternative to traditional dry bags. You can squash these into spots ordinary heavy dry bags won’t go. It fits into little corners of a sea kayak and it’s light enough to take backpacking or adventure traveling. These bags are suitable to keep contents dry in any wet situation where the bag is not submerged. They come in 1, 2, 4, 8, 13, 20, 35 L options and a variety of neon colors.”

Photo Apr 16, 1 42 49 PM

The Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks are great if you’re trying to pack light, but don’t count on them to keep your stuff dry. I’m on my 3rd bag because I can’t afford the extra weight. If you’re canoe camping or day tripping I strongly recommend a heavier, more traditional dry bag like the Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag. They last longer, can take more of a beating and are more likely to keepyour stuff dry.

IMG_4512 If you insist on the lightweight bag be careful where you put it down. Something as little as a pricker bush or sneaky as a puppy looking for treats can easily put a hole in these bags.

Buck Pond in Vermontsville, NY

As much as we love paddling in Vermont, occasionally we leave the state and paddle other places as well.  Buck Pond is located in Vermontsville, NY which almost counts as paddling in VT. It has a similar feel to several VT lakes as well. With a ban on motorized boats, it has a serene setting to enjoy your surroundings. A portion of the lake is covered with lily pads which the loons seem to use to setup sneak attacks on the numerous fish underneath.

There is a car top put in at one end of the pond just inside Buck Pond State Park complete with a dock and a swimming area at the other end with a few small paths leading to campsites in between. The pond itself is not very big. I leisurely paddled around the edge in under an hour on a BIC 12’6 Wing Ace-Tec. I also saw some fisherman out in the middle so this could be a great spot if you’re looking to catch some fish without any wake from our gasoline using friends. A great place to paddle if you’re in the area and looking for a quick afternoon paddle.

Truck at Buck Pond


Vermont SUP connected up with a local paddler yesterday at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT for some fun on the water and unexpected surf on Lake Champlain.

Vermont SUP Trisha Surfing Oakledge

Rider: Trisha Hlastawa
Age: 24 years young
Hometown: Norwich, CT but currently living in South Burlington, VT
Board: Naish Alana 9’5″

Vermont SUP Trisha Profile Shot

Where is your favorite place to paddle?

I love to surf but coming at sunset and paddling on the lake is one of the best things ever.

Now you just got back from Cape Cod, How was the surf?

I went to Orleans, MA in the Nauset Beach area. The surf wasn’t that good but got better yesterday and today. (7/15 & 7/16)

Photo Jul 16, 8 30 20 PM

Why Paddleboarding rather than Kayaking?

I do not like sitting down! I like moving around as much as possible and paddleboarding give me the freedom to do that. I can walk all over it, I can do headstands on it, I can do yoga on it, there’s a lot of possibilities.


What would you tell a first time SUPer?

Be patient is the first thing. Not everyone will get it right away. Try to go somewhere totally calm to start is recommended. That way you can focus on your balance and not which way the waves are going. Coming here to Oakledge [Park] is really fun when it’s super calm which is most of the time in the summer.

Vermont SUP Trisha Paddle Out

Whats the next step? Where do you want to go, What do you wanna do?

I wanna do some touring on a paddleboard, I have a touring board and I wanna travel and go to some cool places where you can look down [into the water] and see all kinds of things. Not sure where but I gotta get myself out there.

Vermont SUP Paddle Sunset

What’s your #1 vacation spot you want to go and paddle?

Ohhh… Hawaii…?  Probably!

Make sure to follow all of Trisha’s photos on her Instagram page: @thsurfsnow

Waves at Oakledge Vermont SUP Oakledge park Burlington Surfing trisha