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Updates: First-Ever Solo Transatlantic SUP Expedition

Updates on the First-Ever Solo Transatlantic SUP Expedition Attempt Planned to Launch January 2016. 38-year-old French firefighter planning first-ever solo SUP expedition across Atlantic, Africa to Caribbean

Meet Nicolas Jarossay—38-year-old French paddler, firefighter and soon to be the first person to attempt an unsupported crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, via SUP.

In January 2016, Jarossay plans to paddle 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) from the northwest coast of Africa to the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean, with only his gear, provisions, a very unique standup paddleboard and a deep, lionhearted sense of adventure. He expects to paddle an average of 33 miles (53 kilometers) each day, estimating the voyage will take a total of roughly 75 days to complete.

Read more about his planned journey on supthemag.com.

The following two updates from Jarrossay’s Facebook page seem to show that his mission was a failure for this season. It looks like he’s had some great innovations in his custom board, but will need to continue to work on his design for a future attempt!

Top left!!! This is it nicolas jarossay raced home this afternoon from the port of praia for the first attempt of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean In Stand-up paddle and lonely. After spending the night in the bay of praia aboard his boat (moored to a sailboat of a group of French), Nicolas was able to finish taking his marks on board of the new board by being calm in the middle of the water. It’s so serene he raced for his crossing there’s a few minutes and is now almost out of sight of the technical team that had remained in Cape Verde. In the evening, visuals will enrich this information. Thanks to one and all to follow this adventure.

Nick Jarrosay's Transatlantic SUP
Nick Jarrosay’s Transatlantic SUP

Press Release sup transatlantic, Monday, 11 April 2016.
Nicolas took the sea Sunday 10 April by favorable weather conditions. For a reason, which is still undetermined at this stage, the system of rudder has suddenly broken and has exposed the boat through the middle to a flood. The boat capsized. All attempts to put her back afloat are in vain and then more and more exhausting.
The continuing deterioration of the situation (exhaustion, hypothermia, night) has made unfortunately inevitable the outbreak of the distress beacon. The chain of relief could be mobilized in an orderly manner, in a context of great modesty of resources available in Cape Verde, severe technical constraints, and admirable dedication of rescuers. Nicolas is safe and sound.
In collaboration with the embassy of France, he organises itself to regain the hexagon. The analysis of technical reasons that have been an obstacle to this first attempt will soon be committed. Nicolas wishes to express its appreciation to the rescuers, including the coast guard Cape Verdeans.