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Gear Spotlight: Bounce SUP at Surf Expo 2015

Have you heard of Bounce SUP?… Well if not then listen up!

Bounce SUP Boards
Bounce SUP booth at Surf Expo 2015

Erin from Vermont SUP was lucky enough to catch up with the Bounce crew at Surf Expo 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Bounce SUP Team Surf Expo 2015
The Bounce crew at Surf Expo 2015

James, Ty and the crew talked with us about their new board design incorporating a Hollow Thermal Composite  Technology or H-TCT.  We asked Ty, Why he came to Bounce after working for some of the top board company in the industry? and he replied:

“Bounce made a board for Surftech when I was there as a sales manager called the B-1 that was originally a 10’6″ and it was the most durable thing that we had ever seen. There are roto-molded products out there and a bunch of other things but this is something that’s patented and I really truly believe in, This is something completely different that is really revolutionized board construction. Its made in the USA and is really a no brainer for me.”

James goes onto say that,

“It’s really exciting because Bounce has a technology that no one else has. You go around in this industry and there’s many marketing stories that they try to differentiate like shapes, designs, patterns, deck pads and whatever but for board technologies this is a truly unique composite not only in the Stand-Up Paddleboard industry but with composites in general. What’s different is that we’re replacing the epoxy resin with a thermo plastic resin, in this case polypropylene. It gives us the best of both worlds. We have a true composite board, woven fiberglass with extra material in the areas you need more strength but with that different resin it elongates  When you hit a resin board it cracks. When you hit our board the resin expands and allows the fiberglass fibers to do what their truly supposed to do.

Bounce SUP baseball bat test
Bat test at Surf Expo 2015

What type of paddling does the Bounce SUP boards fall in?

“We’re not the race guys, We’re not the Surf guys. Those markets are extremely saturated but the Bounce SUP board are great for the rental markets, fleet markets, the everyday household board, the fun board or the board you dont mind your kids touching. We believe we have a unique solution that does an amazing job but dont just talk to me get out there and talk to one of our customers.” – James

You said you guys are based out of the USA?

“Manufactured 100% in Oceanside California, so we build every single board by hand that has ever touched the water.” -James

bounce SUP building
Photo from Bounce SUP Facebook page

Erin liked this board so much she is now the proud owner of her very own Super Cruiser Touring model with the H-TCT technology.

Erin in the Demo Pool with her new Bounce SUP
Erin in the Demo Pool with her new Bounce SUP

New! Bounce SUP boards

I saw this company at Surf Expo in September. This is the company that built my Surftech B-1 Flowmaster as a private label board. I love the construction of my board with Bounce’s very own patented Bounce Technology. It looks great as well as performing well too.

Super Cruiser

I was finally able to jump on one of their boards at Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Newton, MA. Their 11’4 Super Cruiser behaved just as I had hoped, wonderful. They offer this board in two models. The original model made with their Thermal Composite Technology (TCT). TCT has basically replaced the epoxy in a standard fiberglass board with plastic. This allows the board to give a little (or bounce) when you run into something instead of cracking and destroying your board. The newest model has the same great shape and technology but is made without the foam core. Since the board is hollow, its lighter but just as durable.


If the displacement hull of the Super Cruiser isn’t your style, check out their new Multi-Purpose. It comes with the same TCT construction as the Super cruiser but is more versatile. It comes in a 11′ and 10’6″ model and is great for surfing, yoga, whitewater and everything else.

If the TCT technology isn’t enough to make you want one, the fact that their boards are designed and made in the USA is a huge selling point.  Way to go Bounce SUP for bringing SUP construction to the next level, in our own backyard.

Bounce SUP