June 29th 2014 – Vermont Paddleboard Festival

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This year’s Vermont Stand Up Paddleboard Festival is going to be held at the Waterbury Reservoir on June 29th 2014, the last Sunday of the month.  The event will take place from 10am until 4pm.  All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Friends of Waterbury Reservoir (FWR), an organization committed to protecting, improving and enhancing the ecological, recreational, and community values of the Waterbury Reservoir.  The Waterbury Reservoir is recognized as a unique resource and an important conservation and economic asset for the people of the state of Vermont. The $5 entry fee for the event will go directly to the FWR to help in their conservation efforts so we can continue to paddle and camp on this beautiful lake for generations to come.

Vermont, and the entire east coast, is full with waterways that are great for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers.  “This sport has grown so much that our festival has doubled in size each year since we began.  We are expecting many newcomers and experienced paddlers to join us this year to test boards, paddles and gain some knowledge about the sport,” says Steve Brownlee, owner of Umiak Outdoor Outfitters.

“It’s the perfect way for someone to get outside and get a good workout without feeling like you are in a gym while enjoying the beautiful scenery that Vermont has to offer.” According to Russ Scully, owner of WND&WVS, “It is really easy to get a board on a vehicle and go to the water for 30 minutes or the entire day.”

Area paddle shops and local food products will be on hand to help spread their love for the outdoors, paddling and healthy living. There will be demos available from over 10 companies like Bic SUP, Surftech, Laird, Boardworks, Michael Dolsey, Riviera, Nash, and Starboard will be in attendance.

Event sponsors include: Umiak Outdoor Outfitters, WND & WVS, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Vermont Peanut Butter, Vermont Paddling and of course Vermont SUP.




All Photographs taken by Jeremiah Johnson of JTJ Photography

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Vermont