GEAR SPOTLIGHT: Hala Butterknife SUP Paddle

Hala Butterknife SUP Paddle 4

SUP better with a double bladed Hala Butterknife Paddle. Two blades are not just better than one, they are more versatile, more powerful, and more fun! Get out to the lineup faster, navigate whitewater more easily, and kayak or paddle from a kneeling position. Adjustable length, carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass blades.


This almost looks like what I dream of on those afternoons I’ve already paddled 20 miles and the wind picks up and I still have a few more to go. This could be a great way to turn your SUP into the low wind profile kayak for those last few grueling miles. The downside could be that extra bulk on your handle for those same 20 miles. Is it worth it to push that extra blade through the air while your SUPing all day long?

For more info visit their website here:
Hala Gear – $349

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