GEAR SPOTLIGHT: “Choke Hold” Extended Ergo Bump Paddle Handle

Riviera Choke Hold The After Market “CHOKE HOLD”  Extended Ergo Bump Paddle Handle is great for those who like to choke down on the paddle in sprints or into the wind for added torque in your stroke.  The “Choke Hold” is easily added to your existing paddle…  Because the choke hold paddle handle is longer than a typical handle you can cut below your existing handle and add the new Choke without having to shorten your overall paddle length. – Riviera Paddle Surf

This new handle will be great for paddlers taking the sport to the extremes. When I’m out paddling as a relaxing afternoon activity I tend to keep my hand on top of the handle, so this wouldn’t be very useful. When I’m out paddling in whitewater or racing giving it my all, this could make a big difference in comfort. The bumps in this handle will allow your hands to find a naturally comfortable position on the paddle and keep it there. This is not an essential piece of gear, but it sure would be nice for paddlers who spend all their free time on the water.

“It is super useful for short sprints to buoys, for upwind, for the starts and coming into the finish line.” – Connor Baxter

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