GEAR REVIEW: Otterbox Armor Case for iPhone

“The Otter Box Armor Case is waterproof up to 6.6 ft. for 30 minutes and drop proof up to 10 ft. It’s also dust proof allowing zero entry of dust and crush proof up to 2 tons. It provides absolute protection for a  device used in extreme conditions.”


The Armor case claims to protect your phone from all the elements. I have found that it does a great job protecting it from everything but water.

It seemed to do fine when submerged in a perfectly still puddle, but when I brought it onto the river and the current pushed on the case from multiple angles, the waterproof seal did no hold up.


Make sure to fully test your case before trusting it on the river. On the other hand Otter Box has a great warranty. My first case didn’t even last 2 weeks and they sent me a brand new one right away.

Overall this case has its faults, but it’ll protect your phone anywhere but on the water.

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