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3rd Annual Onion River Race and Ramble!

Click the link below to view all the photos from the day.

Onion River Race & Ramble Photos



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Chuck Patterson visits Vermont

If you missed it, Vermont had a living legend from the outdoor sports industry visit our beautiful state this week. Chuck Patterson enjoyed a paddle from Shelburne Bay to Burlington visiting Juniper Island along the way.

Photo Credit: Chuck Patterson via Facebook

We connected up with him at Perkins Pier where he talked about his experiences and tips and tricks to make us more efficient paddlers. WND & WVS, the local paddle shop in Burlington, setup the whole event and their staff was on hand with the Naish and Starboard SUP fleets for us to demo.

It was such a great time and with a 50% chance of thunderstorms that never came it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and sunset. Come back again soon Chuck!!!!!!!

wndNwvs chuck peterson-243

Here are the photos from the event.
Photo Credits: Vermont SUPKazmin Thibault Williamson

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2nd Annual Onion River Race & Ramble – June 6th 2015

What a great day for a river race!

If you didn’t know… today was the 2nd annual Onion River Race & Ramble  held on the Winooski River in Vermont. The course started below the Bolton Dam and finished at the bridge in Richmond. This ten mile stretch is a gorgeous scenic cut through the green mountains.

2015 onion river race-8900

The morning started out a little chilly for early June but attendance wasn’t affected from the cooler temps. Close to 90 people signed up this year to show their support and have fun at the same time which was almost double the turnout from last year. Umiak Outfitters helped out again by providing the shuttle for the eager participants. Noah from the Friends of the Winooski River led the group with a safety briefing before the heats started.

2015 onion river race-8915

Early in the race was the biggest obstacle, a set of rapids and rock garden, that stood between the racers and the flat water below. The tricky eddy lines surprised many paddlers letting them feel the cold temperatures of the Winooski River in June. There were many safety boaters on the water to help people to shore and recover their gear.

2015 onion river race-8935

Below the rapids lay many many miles of reasonably flat water on a normal day but today was different. A Northerly wind of 17 mph gave the paddlers a steady head wind most of the trip. At the end of the ten mile stretch you passed under the Richmond bridge and thus the finish line.

2015 onion river race-9078

After the racers finished and pulled their boats to shore they celebrated with a feast provided by Richmond Grange and sat down to reflect on the past few hours and enjoy some much needed food.

2015 onion river race-9094

All in all the day was beautiful, the people showed up to had fun and the Winooski River was once again conquered…at least for today.

2015 onion river race-9110

Big thanks to all the sponsors who without them this event wouldn’t have been possible. Sponsors include Friends of the Winooski River, with support from the Vermont River Conservancy,  Umiak Outfitters , the Vermont Paddlers’ Club , and the Richmond Grange.

Click the link below to view all of the photos from the days events.
Onion River Race & Ramble – June 6th 2015


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Waterbury Reservoir will remain a Recreational Resource in VT

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation issued a draft water quality certification decision Wednesday regarding the future operations of Green Mountain Power’s Waterbury Hydroelectric Project. Under this decision, the Waterbury Reservoir would be maintained at the current summertime level year-round to protect water quality and recreational use of the reservoir. Also, flows through the dam would be managed to more closely mirror the natural flow of the Little River in a manner that improves fish habitat and the ecological health of the river. – Vermont Business Magazine

Read the full story here

waterbury reservoir vermont fall foliage

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Leddy Park to Lone Rock to Apple Tree Point & Back!

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GEAR REVIEW: EyeShaka Apparel

EyeShaka Thank You T-Shirts Hats


Our friends over at EyeShaka Apparel sent us some sick new gear to sport and show off to the paddling community in Vermont.

We love the T-shirts and Trucker Hats!!!

They also sent us some really cool Shaka stickers which we placed in a few paddling spots around the Stowe area. Find one of them, snap a photo, send it to us and you may just win something for your participation.

Erin Winooski River Vermont EyeShaka

“The shaka symbolizes a lifestyle and way of thinking that we as owners embrace everyday. The sign of the shaka originated from Hawaii and is universally known in the action sports world, in particular those based around the ocean. It signifies a carefree attitude, an ecstatic feeling, and a unique perspective on life.”
-Eyeshaka Website

Erin Waterbury Reservoir EyeShaka Oblio BIC SUP
Erin paddling the BIC SUP Wing with the NEW Oblio Paddle

“But I think deep, deep down inside ingrained in everyone, the real reason we started surfing is the fun, the stoke of walking down the beach with your three bros and you come down the stairs and there’s a killer little peak down the beach and there’s no one out and you’re coming down the beach like, “Dude we’re going to score!” You surf for two hours, getting little tubes and having the best session ever and come home all sunburned and don’t have a care in the world. That’s what it’s about. That stoke.”
-Rob Machado

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GEAR REVIEW: NRS 3.8L Heavy-Duty Bill’s Bag

One of the most important things you need to think about when planning a paddling trip is how you’re going to keep everything dry. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for a few hours on a sunny day or planning a multi-day river trip in the middle of April… you need to keep things dry!

Photo Apr 26, 12 36 21 PM (1)

I best item I have purchased in the past few years is the NRS 3.8L Heavy-Duty Bill’s Dry Bag. It’s everything you know and expect from NRS including quality materials, solid construction and an amazing warranty. The entire bag is made up of a strong 21 oz. PVC/Polyester material with a 34 oz. PVC/Polyester on the bottom 6 inches for increased durability. The massive 3.8L (6500 cubic inches) of space allows you to carry all of your gear safe and dry. The 4 heavy duty compression straps allow you to compact and stabilize your gear on your board or boat. Its built-in backpack straps allow for easy carrying when portaging around dams and rapids.

Photo Apr 23, 12 46 21 PM

I purchased this bag in the spring of 2014 right before I took off for a 2 week river trip in Western Pennsylvania. I wanted something to carry the majority of my big and important things like: sleeping bag, tent, clothes, sleeping pad and cooking items. It held all of these items with room for more. I didn’t want to pack it too much because I was strapping it to my BIC SUP Ace-Tec Wing 12’6” and there is only so much space on the top. I also included two 20L Dry bags from SealLine and a 6L Dromedary from MSR on the front of my board to even out the weight.

Photo Apr 23, 3 29 14 PM

I don’t know if there’s anything bad about this bag. One thing I would say is, you want to be careful not to pack it too full because of its size it’s easy to pack more in the bag than you can carry on your back. Awesome bag and is one of my  essentials when planning trips anywhere winter or summer.

Check out this great video from our friends at NRS

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Stand Up For the Lake


Did you have a blast at the 2014 Vermont Paddleboard Festival?Are you looking for another great SUP event in Vermont? Don’t miss out on Stand Up For The Lake in Burlington, VT. The event is in partnership with the 2014 Maritime Festival. There will be music, food, demos, clinics and races! It promises to be a good time with lots of SUPers!

Add August 9th to your calendars so you don’t miss the fun!


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Mark Colino in Vermont!

Thanks to Wind & Waves for bringing Mark Colino to Burlington last night for some SUP tips. Mark is a Starboard sales rep, SUP instructor and an accomplished SUP racer. He quickly gave a how to do a super efficient forward stroke touching on the Reach, Catch, Power, Release and Return Phases with great analogies for each. Then as everyone tried out his fleet of Starboard Demo boards he continued to give tips more specific to each person.


Check out this video posted on
WND & WVS Facebook page for his abbreviated “how to”.



 “If your arms or wrists are sore, you’re not doing it right.
When your whole body is sore and tired, then you’ve got it.” -Mark Colino

Wind & Waves hosts FREE demo nights every Thursday from 5-7pm and every Saturday from 1-4pm. Don’t miss these opportunities to check out some sweet boards! Mark Colino may not be there, but Wind and Waves knowledgeable staff will be there to help you out and give you advice. KCPO!


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Vermont SUP connected up with a local paddler yesterday at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT for some fun on the water and unexpected surf on Lake Champlain.

Vermont SUP Trisha Surfing Oakledge

Rider: Trisha Hlastawa
Age: 24 years young
Hometown: Norwich, CT but currently living in South Burlington, VT
Board: Naish Alana 9’5″

Vermont SUP Trisha Profile Shot

Where is your favorite place to paddle?

I love to surf but coming at sunset and paddling on the lake is one of the best things ever.

Now you just got back from Cape Cod, How was the surf?

I went to Orleans, MA in the Nauset Beach area. The surf wasn’t that good but got better yesterday and today. (7/15 & 7/16)

Photo Jul 16, 8 30 20 PM

Why Paddleboarding rather than Kayaking?

I do not like sitting down! I like moving around as much as possible and paddleboarding give me the freedom to do that. I can walk all over it, I can do headstands on it, I can do yoga on it, there’s a lot of possibilities.


What would you tell a first time SUPer?

Be patient is the first thing. Not everyone will get it right away. Try to go somewhere totally calm to start is recommended. That way you can focus on your balance and not which way the waves are going. Coming here to Oakledge [Park] is really fun when it’s super calm which is most of the time in the summer.

Vermont SUP Trisha Paddle Out

Whats the next step? Where do you want to go, What do you wanna do?

I wanna do some touring on a paddleboard, I have a touring board and I wanna travel and go to some cool places where you can look down [into the water] and see all kinds of things. Not sure where but I gotta get myself out there.

Vermont SUP Paddle Sunset

What’s your #1 vacation spot you want to go and paddle?

Ohhh… Hawaii…?  Probably!

Make sure to follow all of Trisha’s photos on her Instagram page: @thsurfsnow

Waves at Oakledge Vermont SUP Oakledge park Burlington Surfing trisha

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