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GEAR SPOTLIGHT: Imagine SUP Board Release Valve

Vermont SUP Gear Spotlight Imagine Inflatable Pressure Release Valve

Imagine Surf has been a leader in the paddleboard industry since 2006. Their commitment to performance and safety is one of their biggest goals. This year they have come out with something new. All of their 2016 Inflatable models SUPs now have their patented, automatic air pressure release valves.  One of the safety features we have built into our inflatable boards is an automatic air pressure release valve. This solves the potential problem of over inflation which could lead to seam failure. Now you have one less thing to worry about so you can get on the water worry free.

Check out the demo given by Dave Kalama.

Vermont SUP Gear Spotlight Imagine Inflatable Pressure Release Valve

IMAGINE… what does this word mean in our paddle boarding company? Well when we started Imagine Surf in 2006, we were a handful of paddlers and surfers that imagined living a lifestyle of fun and adventure. We imagined dawn patrol surfs and sunset bonfires. We imagined epic river trips with friends and fun coastal runs with family. We imagined exciting fishing missions and crossing the finishing line excited. We imagined weekends of escape from the grind and weeks filled with daily escape. So we used our imagination and dreamed big! The dream came true and Imagine has now grown up to be one of the most fun, authentic, and exciting paddleboard brands on the market. We are constantly inspired by this amazing sport and humbled at how it changes lives.

Our product philosophy is pretty simple. We build boards we want to paddle. Paddleboarding is all we do. Our boards are not just things we sell to make a living, they are a part of us. We all paddle and share a common philosophy to make Paddleboarding accessible. Our tag line “We make Paddleboarders” is the cornerstone of this philosophy. This is reflected in every board we build from affordable durable entry level construction and designs, to the highest end surf and racing shapes. We are very fortunate to have a true Iconic Waterman, SUP pioneer and board designer Dave Kalama as an integral part of our team ensuring each Imagine board is designed, tested and proven before we put it into production. For 2016 we have once again built a balanced line of versatile, affordable, durable and great performance boards. The journey so far has been an adventure but trust us… if you use your Imagination it has only just begun.   –

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